Compostable organics recycling for

Fraser Valley businesses & stratas




A clean, empty bin is delivered right to you.

Fill it up with as much organic waste as you can!

Once (or twice) a week one of our team members will come by to take the full bin away and leave you with a new, squeaky clean bin!

 All the bins are dumped at a local facility. They use it to make nutrient rich landscaping products used right here in the Fraser Valley!

For more information please see the FAQs or contact us


At True West Compost Co. we believe in small changes making a BIG difference.  


Since 2012 our customers have diverted more than 56 Metric Tonnes of organic waste from landfills.  This year we are expanding our service area so if you are anywhere in the Fraser Valley give us a call!

We know how much of a pain organic waste can be and that's why we're here -

to take care of it!  Our aim is to provide an excellent service that makes being kind to the environment an easy decision. 

(Organic waste we have diverted from the landfill in kgs) 

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August 15, 2017

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True West Compost offers compostable organics recycling for Fraser Valley businesses and strata