The dirty truth about composting

June 19, 2017

We’re not going to sugar-coat it for you. When dealing with food waste and organic material, things can get a little messy. But we like messy.


Here are some things you can absolutely expect from your new composting program.

It smells bad


We will be the first to admit this. A compost bin smells — especially in the heat of the summer. We’re prepared for this.


We have paper liners to soak up excess moisture and keep the smell down — you can do this with newspapers too!


We also bring you a fresh clean bin every week. So no more cleaning them yourself.


If you’re cleaning out your fridge or some other large waste-producing job, wait until closer to pickup day. Then it’s gone as soon as possible — we’ll take it from there.


It works for you

We like messy. That’s why we take care of the dirty stuff and let you get back to work.


No one wants to be the office closest to the compost bin. So place the bin outside and keep a smaller bin in the lunchroom. Then take out the compost like you would take out the trash. We’ll take care of the mess.


Worried about distractions? We’ll work around nap time, or with building access we can switch bins without ever bothering employees. We’re quick, doing all the washing and dumping off-site, away from your building.


Do you have special requests for your workplace?

We’ve been known to wear steel-toe boots or eye protection to adhere to job site standards.


We like safety almost as much as we like messy.

Living with it can be easy

When it comes to multi-family residential properties, we make it as easy as taking out the trash.


We’ll place a big bin wherever residents already dispose of their recycling or garbage. That way we can collect from everyone as often as they need.


Residents can use whatever method to collect in their units that works — you can buy compostable paper bags and toss the whole thing (but make sure they’re paper — compostable plastic doesn’t work).


Or reuse old containers like glass jars or ice cream tubs. We’ve seen some people use tupperware that’s lost its lid or a cracked bowl. If it collects food scraps, it will work.


By diverting food waste in a multi-family residence, the cost of garbage disposal pick-up goes down.


Once you start, you won’t be able to stop

The biggest, dirtiest truth about composting is that you’ll start small and like most of our clients, you’ll end up diverting more and more.


So let’s get started.


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