What does a day of compost pick-up look like?

August 28, 2017


It looks a lot like what you’d expect. Seriously. It’s picking up organic waste, it’s not rocket science.


(Although there is definitely some science behind the breaking-down process).


But I thought I’d open the lid on our day-to-day operations because we’re not your average waste pick-up service.



Out with the waste, in with — literally nothing because it’s a clean, empty bin


Our morning starts by loading up the truck with fresh compost bins. They’re clean and dry; they just need to be filled up. We make sure we’ve got our client list for the day and hit the road. There’s usually a stop for coffee, maybe gas, and before long we’re at the first address. 


Our daily route takes us all over, from locations in East Abbotsford and Whatcom, west to Mt. Lehman, south toward Huntington, and plenty of stops in the middle. The Fraser Valley’s big place, but we get around.


From there it’s a speedy swap system. We grab the full bin, and leave a fresh one in its place. It’s quick, it’s clean — you may not even know we’re there. Some clients have been known to leave us a key so we can slip in and out even if they’re on a call. We pick up right from your office kitchen or other preferred location. There’s no hauling to the curb, no bear-proofing.


It’s not about the size of your bin, it’s what you put in it — we pick up our small 7L bins, regular 47L, and big 240L bins all in one trip. As for what you put in it, True West picks up an average of 530lbs of compost per week from our clients. That’s a lot of diverted waste!



This waste disposal site smells better than yours

You can’t tell by looking at us, but by midday the truck is full of dirty compost. We take the whole load to our partner composting facility and unload. One stop, no sorting — it’s all organic waste from here, ready to be turned into useful soil.



This is the fun part. We upend the bins one by one, letting a cascade of week-old organic waste tumble into a pile. From here we leave it to the waste disposal experts, but the process involves mulching the diverted waste into tiny pieces and heating it up to break it down.


Fun fact: an organic waste dump smells like dirt, not garbage.



Clean bins for dirty compost

At the end of the day, all the bins are cleaned on our site with Mrs. Meyer’s multi surface cleaner. It’s made of 98% naturally derived ingredients which works for the organic waste process. Then the bins dry and wait to go out the next day.


The bin we leave you is always fresh and clean, so your office never smells like ours.


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